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Pencil Vending Machine INR   6500 INR  6500

Pencil Vending Machine

A Smart And Unique Pencil Vending Machine First Time in India Perfect For Schools, Colleges, Offices, factories. A new way to store and dispense pencils! Easy-To-Use Sturdy Design: This smart and sturdy dispenser is a handy way to store and dispense pencils at a cost of Rs.5/- GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS: Easy Operation with High solid State. Coin validator which will accept one 5 Rupees coin. Less Weight, Compact and Wall Mountable. Capacity to hold 600 Pencils. The machine is provided with Coin Collection box. Stock Display window to see and check the product availability before coin insertion. Front open door provided for easy refilling of Pencils with safety lock. Machine comes with double lock system for safety. The machine is having all the “Operating Instructions” incorporated in the graphics itself. Very User friendly and easy to operate. Aesthetically made rugged Metal Cabinet with powder coating and excellent Vinyl branding sticker finish.

INR 6500 INR 6500


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